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Machine Operator
The Machine Operator is our entry-level, skills-based manufacturing position. All production employees begin their careers as Machine Operator. In this position, employees develop skills, such as:
1) Proper use and care of precision measuring tools (micrometers, calipers, scales, etc).
2) Operate and make minor adjustments to precision machinery.
3) Understand and follow manufacturing procedures.
In this position, employees advance through three levels of training in approximately 3-6 months. At the completion of the training, new employees will be a certified Machine Operator and will be eligible for advancement. Capstan offers extensive training and skill-based development in modern facility, and team-based work environment. 85% of our existing employees have recognized Capstan as the one of the best companies they have ever worked for. We have positions in various departments and shifts.
Capstan is seeking an experienced mechanic to assist with the maintenance and upgrades of our machines.
Packers efficiently and effectively visually sort and pack parts for our customers. Packers are trained in the proper use of gages and visual inspection techniques. Once trained and depending on interest, level packers are given preferential opportunities to advance to machine operator positions.

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